Record to CD/USB

Who doesn’t love vinyl records? It seems that everybody over a certain age has a stash of them hidden away somewhere, and everybody under that certain age is trying to get their hands on that stash. Vinyl LPs have great sound quality, and they’re amazingly durable and just plain cool. Still, they have their drawbacks: they’re not very portable–you probably don’t want to lug 100 pounds of records to a party, for example, and you can’t play them in the car–and many are not easily replaceable. Fortunately, you can solve these problems by recording your vinyl onto CDs. It can be a complicated process, but once you do it you’ll have a high-quality backup of your irreplaceable rarities. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy your Cat Stevens collection on the way to work.


Minimum charge to transfer Record to CD/USB is $10