How to Boost your Personal Brand

3 Simple Ways To Build A Personal Brand Online

Building a personal brand online may seem like a daunting proposition for anyone especially in this hyper competitive cyber age. However, it is important to note that the democratization of the internet and social media has made it easier than ever to boost an online visibility. All that you need is to focus on building credibility by use of interesting content and social connections.

The following are 3 simple ways with which you can build and enhance a personal brand online.

  1. Prepare and Monitor Your Online Presence

One of the best ways through which you can build an online presence is by setting up a personal blog to help you claim your name online. As such, consider purchasing a domain name that reads “” or a relevant variation and setting up a website that describes your competences and fortes.

Besides, be very keen to search your name or identity on search engines which helps you track what others say about you. You can also set up a Google Alert service to help you know when people mention anything about you or your identity online.

  1. Embrace the Social Media

There are a variety of social media platforms where you can easily build a personal brand today. Some of the key platforms include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In the past few years, the perception of these platforms has changed from sites that were used merely for social and chatting functions to ones that can now be relied upon by big companies for marketing and branding purposes.

Twitter, for example, is one of the key social media platforms today that boasts of a huge user base, thereby making it an ideal option when positioning your personal brand online. When leveraged in a professional way and employing efficient means such as using a software to grow twitter audience organically, the platform can be used to cast a far-reaching net and easily enhance the visibility of your personal brand online.

  1. Participate in Professional Associations or Forums Online

There are hundreds of online professional groups and forums today where people share their expertise and help each other solve various problems. All that you need is to join relevant websites and forums where you can reach large numbers of your targeted audience and create a following there. For this, you’ll need to contribute to various online discussions and offer expert help on topics and areas you’re well-conversant with. Some of the best online forums today include Reddit, Warrior, and Quora.


Creating a personal brand and boosting your visibility online calls for intelligent planning, persistence and a considerable amount of effort. By using the tips outlined in the post, you can quickly improve your online presence and build a personal brand.


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